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Apeiron Tile & Grout Restoration Kit

Call now to setup your free no-obligation demonstration of our Tile & Grout Restoration Kit.  This kit is designed to make it easy for an in-house restoration of tile and grout that is stained, discolored, and unattractive due to spills and soil absorption.  This 3-step process is easy to use and will save you money at only $0.40 per square foot.  Everything you need to get the job done is included in this kit such as:

  • Alky-14 (STEP 1) Removes oil, grease, seal and finishes from the tile and grout.
  • Grout Blast (STEP 2) Removes more challenging soils and stains from grout lines, and brightens grout color
  • Impregnator Seal (STEP 3) Seals and penetrates pores to protect and resist staining
  • Triangle Brush- Designed to get into the pores of tiles and deep into the grout lines for agitation
  • Safety Goggles- Provided in every kit to ensure safety of the user
  • Protective Gloves- Provided in every kit to ensure safety of the user


Contact Kyle Elliott, Tile & Grout Specialist with Inland Supply Company to setup your appointment today.


Inland Supply Company has teamed up with Apeiron Co. stone care experts to provide excellent stone care products for ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, granite, marble and all other natural stone surfaces.  Stop by Inland Supply Company to see the full line of stone care products we offer from cleaner, polish, sealers and restoration products.  

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