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Cleaning Tips  


  • 80% of dirt inside your home or office comes from outside. Consider an entrance mat to reduce tracking soil inside for the first 10ft of your entrance.
  • Try using a microfiber mop/cloth when possible.  Microfibers are constructed to absorb more of the dirt and soil you are trying to remove, rather than just "moving it around" with a standard mop or cloth.
  • Use a lint-free terri cloth or microfiber when cleaning glass and mirrors.  This will leave no strands, loose ends, or residue when using a good glass cleaner.
  • When applying ice melter, spread it out evenly to eliminate buildup which can be tracked into your building.  Ice melter can have a harmful effect on some floor finishes.
  • Always use proper precautions and read directions when dealing with cleaning chemicals and equipment.  Preparation prevents injury and error.
  • When disinfecting, note the dwell time as directed on the product.  This is the most important step in disinfecting to ensure you are killing all bacteria and disease that may be on the surface. 
  • Dwell time is the amount of time a given product is "wet on the surface." 
  • When installing ceramic/porcelain tile with grout, be sure to seal the grout to prevent staining and discoloration in the future.  A good seal such as Impregnator Seal, will last a long time and won't change the appearance or slip coefficient of your tile and grout. 
  • Extracting your carpet is an easy job and will show a noticeable difference if done right. It is important to use a product that will not leave a detergent residue in your carpet which will remove the soil from the shoes that are in contact with the carpet and make it dirtier than when you started.  Inland Supply Co. offers INCHCO Extract "7" Carpet and Bonnet Shampoo that will do a great job on your carpet.


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